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...  Beyond Rest SVG animation/     icons

---Dragonfly in the Sun (Website)

ummhive app starts here

--NEAP (App.)

 .Interwoven Solutions (Website)

NEAP starts here

NEAP is another Raindex stragetgy skin, like Sloshy. It works by auctioning off tokens according to a dynamic price. 

+ Branding
+ App. design.



Interwoven Solutions starts here

  Sloshy (App.)

American company that works with enterprizes to use opensource Rain technology in a commercial setting. 

+ Website design.


Interwoven Solutions

Sloshy starts here

UI Design for an automated trading strategy. Sloshy is a 'skin for a Raindex strategy' on the blockchain.

The trading strategy involves buying and selling stablecoins depending on fluctuations in their prices.

+App design
+ Illustration



Working as Lead UI/UX, a decentralised, programmic, Semi-Fungible Token system app was successfully created. This app was built on the blockchain as the main project for Gild Lab. It's still being worked on.


Github ticket setup working in Agile environments and writing briefs that explain how designs work for devs.

Clients of GildLab interviewed, case studies designed.



 .SFT (Semi-Fungible Token App.)

  Pixel Pool (Tournament App.)

Pixel Pool starts here

Decentralised game tournament grant proposal design.

Pixel Pool lets players permissionlessly join and leave a tournaments, sharing a prize pool that everyone contributes to.


Pixel Pool 

---HummHive (App.)

Projects - 1

Sft starts here

+ Website design
+ Logo Design
+ App. Design
+ Dev. management


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 © 2024 Nicole Firth. All rights reserved.